Delivered from the cloud

Spring uses an international network of content delivery servers to provide the fastest possible access to your site.

Serve your sites locally - internationally

Spring CMS's cloud servers are a network of over a dozen servers located around the world to ensure international visitors view Spring CMS sites as though they were hosted on their doorstep.

While the core servers are located in Canberra Australia, international visitors will recieve over 90% of the content from a Spring CMS website from the server located closest to them. This means a visitor in the US will be served content from a local US server without the latency associated with internationally hosted sites.


The cloud servers also reduce the load on the core Spring CMS servers immediately allowing Spring to scale to handle significantly higher traffic.

How does it work

  • Spring CMS automatically synchronises any files you upload or files such as javascript libraries, css and images used in your templates to a cloud server in the US.
  • Copies of these files are distributed international across all cloud servers
  • Spring will automatically redirect traffic to use the cloud servers
  • When an international visitor requests a page on your Spring CMS site, the closest cloud server will be used to deliver over 90% of the content of the page

How fast is it?

Depending on the location anywhere from a 4x to 6x increase in speed is possible.

Tests have shown the time to view a page in Geneva has reduced from 12 seconds to around 1.9 seconds. In the US, the time to view a page was reduced from 8.5 seconds to 2.2 seconds. In both cases the tests were for a page viewed for the first time with a clear cache, in reality the loading time would be even faster.

Spring CMS uses cloud servers located around the globe in the following locations:


  • Canberra

United States

  • Ashburn
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Newark
  • Palo Alto
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis


  • Amsterdam
  • Dublin
  • Frankfurt
  • London


  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo